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Hi friends,

I'm stuck trying to figure out the chords down below.

Intro / Verse Chords

The third one (--12 0 12 10 8) Is ( -- B G D G C ) or so I think. My problem is how can I take those notes and figure out its chord name.

Another thing I'm struggling with is the strumming.

The link to this song is

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Easy one.

ok - chords are normally set out low (6th string) to high (1st string), so your notes are:

C, G, D, G, B - and you'll find that if you hit the open 1st string too it will sound ok, giving you an E (important) and meaning if you remove duplicates and put stuff in order you have C, E, G, B, D

C is your root note, E tells you it's a major chord, G is the (disposable) 5th of the chord. So far you've got C Major

B is the Major 7th of C, and that makes the D an extension, giving you an overall chord of Cmaj9.

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