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New Member, Been playing for some time looking to improve.

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Hi, I've been searching around for a good guitar forum for a while now and I have used this site before but I didn't know that it had a forum. Well a little background on me then i guess. I'm attend Mesa High School in Mesa, Arizona. Im 16 years old and have been playing guitar for maybe 2 years. Problem with that is that I really havent been practicing a lot. I just kind of "mess around." thats good enough for now. I just have a few questions.
1) First of all im in the market for a second acoustic guitar because I really enjoy playing acoustic music. Lookin for a price between 250-350 dollars.
2) When is it nessesary to replace your strings and what are the best type. I have never replaced the strings on my guitar and ive had it for the entire time ive played my guitar.
3) Im kinda stuck right now advancing in guitar because i cant seem to find any good songs or things to play. Any advice is appriciated.

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Well as for the strings..... Depends realy. You might hear a string or two seem to go kinda dead. Normally the G string it seems.. Or if a string brakes I always replace them all ( unless you just did) as for what kind... Strings are cheap, so try a few diferent brands.

For replacing them? I REALY recommend you learn. Every player should know how IMHO. It's not hard, and there are many YouTube vids that can help

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I'm sure some of the long time residents of this site will come along and give you better info than me, but here goes...
1. in that price range there are TONS of options for you. Head to your favorite music shop and play until you a) find the ONE b) your fingers fall off or c) they ask you to leave :mrgreen: . I have become a huge fan of just playing till you find the one... my acoustic is an Epiphone PR-150 which is their bare bones model but it sounds like a guitar of easily 2x the price. When you find it you'll know
2. yikes are you opening Pandora's Box with this question! You should be able to hear a difference in the tone of your strings when it's time to change them, they just start to sound dull. Another way to tell is if the guitar has a hard time staying in tune. Again favorites are very personal. I currently have a set of Cleartone phosphor bronze that are coated. They sound pretty good and they have lasted forever because of the coating. YMMV. I just went in to a Guitar Center and asked 3 different people what their favorite was and bought one of each
3. what kind of music do you like? There are gazillions of songs out there that should be easy enough to learn, but still teach you new things. I'm a very new player myself (since Dec '10) and I've found that the biggest advances I've made have been while playing with some friends. They showed me different ways to do some of the things that I was already doing and helped me visualize the things that I'd read but couldn't conceptualize without seeing it.
For an actual list check the Easy Song database here, there are some really fun ones out there!
Best of luck

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the time to change strings is when it starts to keep getting out of tune. i have an epiphone les paul special 2 and i use ultra lights. im going to get ultra light ernie ball slinkies next time i change my strings.