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new string gauge

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I was at guitar center today to get a new strap and started talking strings with one of the employees. I mentioned that I was recently given some new fender acoustic/electric gauged. .009-.042 E to E. Since they were free and I needed new strings I put them on. Those strings are common gauges for electric guitars but I play a Sigma DM-1 acoustic. I like the result which is a sharp tone that isn't tinny and lead techniques are easier. My guitar has no problem carrying volume with the ultra light strings. The guitar center employee said that I should be going to heavier strings rather than lighter on an acoustic and was very patronizing to me when I said I'd probably be sticking to the lighter gauge. Is there something wrong with going that light a string on an acoustic? Are my ultra light strings taboo or was the other guy just reacting poorly to an idea opposite of what he thinks is right?

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If you like the way it sounds and plays, Why worry what anyone else thinks?
Just enjoy your guitar! :D

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I agree, if you like the sound go for it. Use 9s. I am a heavy string player. The 9s always seemed to me skinny sounding.


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i'd break those or have to be very careful not to, the way i play an acoustic, but you should play whatever you want. your taste and style may change over time, it may not.