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What is the differance between a Strat. and a Tele. I see the differance in the look but I know it goes deeper than that.

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Teles are simpler guitars and their tone is somewhat more subtle than that of Strats. Teles usually have two pickups and Strats usually have three. Teles usually have a stoptail bridge and Strats usually have a tremolo bridge. Also, some people find that Teles play slightly faster while Strats "enjoy" being tortured more - there's something about the way Strats feel that, to me at least, cries out for the blues. Personally, I love 'em both, but they bring out different facets of my playing. But all of this is very subjective and is, at best, just a starting point. The only way to really tell is to go to a guitar shop or go see a friend who has both and play them to see for yourself.



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On the simplest level, and all other things being equal, a Tele is brighter/more jangly than a Strat. - Guitar Chord/Scale Finder/Viewer

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a strat also has a 5 way switch to control the pickups. a tele has a 3 way.
so a strat has more sound possibilities.

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The Telecaster is one of the earliest mass produced electrical guitars. Its design and construction is simple and bulletproof.
The strat can be seen as a luxus Telecaster - with - as mentioned - tremolo bridge, and three instead of two pickups, and - as mentioned again - a 5 way switch instead of a 3 way switch.

However, the feeling and the sound of the two guitars is different. Telecaster has the characteristic country-rock sound, while the strat is .. well listen to Eric Clapton.

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