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Newbie , Hi all

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I bought myself an acoustic about 8 months ago and started learning chords, after a couple of weeks later i had bad pains in my left elbow, think its probably related to a bike accident i had years ago where i fractured it. I probably left it alone for 2 months, but the last few months as been pain free.
I have learned my open chords now, just trying to get smooth changes. Learned a few riffs and a few scales which help me get my both hands playing in sync.
My trouble is i think I'm a bit impatient and just learn bits of songs and move to something else. Is this common. I think i need to be more structured in my learning.
Btw 40+ years old. Shhssshhh.😉

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Talk to a guitar teacher about technique, & talk to a doctor about discomfort.

Even with good technique, you will still experience some discomfort in the first few months. Especially when it comes to learning chords.

Hope this helps!

~Yours Troubadorly,