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Not a question but....
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Not a question but...

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The new lesson on the home page, 'Break of Day' by Peter Simms......I can play it!

It is short and simple, something to practice and relax at the end of the day but I can play the whole thing start to finish. That is the kool part....finishing something! And it actually sounds like what I was trying to play when I play it back.

I think this is so important to us beginners for motivation, just picking something easy and finishing it and having it sound right.

2 things under the belt now. This and 'Oh Pretty Woman'.

From now on, no more jumping around. When I pick something I have to finish it before trying something else.

So I think this is my lesson here to other new players....pick something to try and see it through.

If it was easy it wouldn't be worth doing.

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Good for you! I remember that feeling too, I think the song I first learned all the way through was "Knockin on Heaven's Door" by Bob Dylan.

As for motivation, I totally agree. Today I was learning Ozzy Osbourne's "Mr. Crowley" and was really having trouble with some of the speed runs, so I slowed down and played I song I knew inside out. Just doing that told me that I have the ability to learn any song, but I need to develop the patience. I feel that's true with almost everybody, they have the ability, but they may not have the time or the patience.

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I think you're absolutely right about learning one song completely, not that I have done that. That is my problem. I don't think I have ever completely learned one song. I tend to skip around and try this and that, and then realize that I can not play anything when someone says "play something" I say, I don't know any songs. Glad you mentioned it. I'm going to start on one right away and then actually play it in front of someone.

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Congratulations on song #2.... thousands to follow. :D

I am not a guitar teacher (probably a good thing), but if I were I would focus on teaching people complete songs. I know that a person has to practice technique, scales, theory...

But really, the object of all practice is to play songs. You do not practice to tap, or bend, or play harmonics. And nobody is going to want to hear you play this stuff either. And no matter how great you are at tapping, nobody is going to think you play guitar well unless you play complete songs.

To be a good musician you do not really have to be outstanding at specific techniques. It is actually very simple to be a good musician. You must just be able to play complete songs well.

I have said this before, but next time you see a good Country band on TV, look at all the musicians. You will almost always see some guy (or gal) simply strumming simple open chords on acoustic. This person will be playing something a beginner can play. But they are a PRO. They play these simple chords well from beginning to end and lay the solid foundation of the song. Sometimes you can barely hear it, but if they quit playing you would notice it at once.

Always work on the intro and outro. Funny, most people can play the verses and chorus of a song, but fail completely on the intro and outro. So practice these until you get them down.

Sorry to ramble, but learning this one song from beginning to end is great. This is what I would tell every beginner to do. You don't have to fly all over the guitar like Yngwie to be a great guitarist. Just know lots of songs from beginning to end. The simpler, the better. 8)

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