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Okay I'm a new guit...
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Okay I'm a new guitar guitar player

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And I'm 17 and i saw the jesus and mary chain play a few weeks ago here in austin and they played a new song "always sad" and I watched them play it and it seemed like they used a lot of power chords like most of there songs do from the tabs I've seen but when I looked up the tab of that song it was more "non power chords" like 320003 which is obviously a g chorn but when i clicked on the show chords it showed it as that and not a g power chord... is that the same thing or not why would it say that? heres the song and heres the tab, I"m just trying to get around this

thanks in advanced im just trying to step up my game and figure this out.

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In western music chords consist of a "1, 3, & 5" with the type of "3rd" & "5th" determining sonority (major, minor, or diminished). In words all major minor and diminished chords consist of some kind of 1, 3, & 5 sounding harmonically (at the same time).

"Power Chords" or 5 chords (e.g. G5, D5, etc) are devoid of any 3rd they are open fifths or just 1's, & 5's sounding harmonically.

ANY major or minor chord can be partially substituted accurately by a Power Chord.
For example:
G can be substituted for G5
and Em can be substituted by E5

There's a lot of gaps in this explanation. To understand it fully I highly recommend Edly's Music Theory for Practical People

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