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???? on Sigma Guitars

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Are they any good? I see where Martin either builds them out of cheaper material or has them imported in. Which is it? Are they built to Martin specs?

Any info will be very helpful


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For reveiws go to Harmony Central or more specifically here: Sigma Reviews

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Hi Bill,

I can't speak to the new Sigmas, but I've played a Sigma DM-5 for 28 years. I believe my Sigma was made for Martin by the Japanese. I know mine is a very good sounding instrument for the price I paid for it. It has taken a beating over the years and has held up well. It has a solid spruce top and laminated mahogony back and sides, plays well after a proper set-up, and they can be found for a good price. I would not hesitate to take a serious look at them.

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last i read they were chinese.


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Sigma has been Martin's budget line for at least 30 years. Costs are kept down in the usual ways: laminated rims and backs, offshore manufacture. They've typically been pretty decent, durable guitars.

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One of the places where I teach stocks a lot of Sigma guitars. They seem pretty decent, and in the higher end (about $600) they're rather nice looking, too.

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I have a Sigma DM-1 that I got about 20 years ago.
Very decent guitar and even though I have a "Real" Martin
now I still enjoy playing the Sigma.

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