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Online Guitar lessons? Whats the best one for a newbie?

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Hi Guys....I'm a seriously considering trying to learn how to play Guitar, not professionally but for a hobby. I stumbled on to your forum because I have been evaluating how I can best learn. I know I cant afford private Guitar lessons at $30-50 and hr and up. And I looked thru books and found it was to hard to really get it and I got bored. I like video and Audio teaching so i started googling around and found online courses on the web. I saw 2 interesting courses on this review site They compared online courses from Jamorama and Guitar Super Stars and another one I cant remember. Looking around your site I see that their are some favorable comments about Jamorama being a pretty good starter course for a newbie. I didn't see anything about Guitar Super Stars. Has any one tried this course? Has anyone tried both and can give me an comparison/opinion. I saw another course talked about on this site called Jamplay.... is that better? help! Some thoughts on the above from knowledgeable members would be appreciated. Thx ~S

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Why not look at the huge pile of lessons we have on this very site?

A :-)

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At the cost of repeating from another thread -
Check out the Beginners' Guitar Lessons.

These are well written, easy to understand and quite comprehensive (atleast for a beginner to intermediate). Oh and they are free.

These lessons will actually walk you through the guitar. Rest is the practice. :D

Good Luck !

P.S. - Besides the lessons, there is always (check out 'rockongoodpeople').

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I'll echo what Alan said and recommend the vast array of lessons right here on this very site. They are, to my mind at least, well written and easy to follow, with the majority of them including MP3's so you can hear exactly how it should sound. If, however you really do want video lessons then have a look at Justin Sandercoe's site . (Mods, if the link isn't allowed please delete and accept my apologies.)

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Guitar Noise + Justinguitar + Guitar @ = the best combination of free on-line guitar lessons. For free bass lessons, Studybass + Cyberfretbass = a winning combination. And Music Education @ You need no others, imo.

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the huge pile of lessons we have on this very site


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I'll say it again ... there are a lot of them right here.

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