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I'm a left handed player.

When I play for a while I get this soreness on the right side of my fret hand (the pinky side) and a little lesser version of the pain in my wrist.

Wondering if this will just go away with time or what!?! Maybe a technique issue?

The pain is not bad enough to make me quit, and it doesn't last after I stop practicing...

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ya it will eventually go away well cept for the wrist i still have that pain after 4yrs, it really depends on how long ur playing for

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Wrist pain is usually caused by poor technique. Try changing the neck angle so that your arm is straight from the elbow to the knuckles, and that should help.

Pain on the pinky side of the hand is part of the muscle-building process... if I clench my two fists side by side, my fretting hand muscle on the pinky side is far more developed than my fretting hand. Don't overdo it, and it'll pass in time.

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I get this pain too. Mostly from stretching to more frets than I'm used to covering at once. It goes away pretty quickly after I stop though. Feels like muscle pain to me. No wrist pain though.

Like Tom said, changing the position of the guitar helps a ton. sort of standing the guitar up straightens out the hand with the arm and makes its easier. It just looks goofy :lol:


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It's all about practise, and what the guys on here call "muscle memory"...the more you play, the more you practise, the quicker you'll lose that soreness........guitar playing is one discipline where "going by the book" isn't just recommended, it's essential......get the basics right, the way you hold the guitar, your thumb in the middle of the neck, etc....anything is possible......


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