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Hey guys quick question, I am deciding what amp and guitar setup to get. I have got previous amps and they all pissed me off. (b-52-line6). The sound im going for is very accentuated clear palm mutes with a good thump undertone, im going punk style, a cross between the stuff that old blink used to do when they did their palm mutes, i also want that good green day sound when i dont palm mute, but alot of the stuff is palm mutes. Also, what are techniques to getting nice palm mutes not just for power chords but for single notes played fast. I also want good clearity as i do alot of hammer ons and pull offs. Im thinking marshall or mesa but have been recomended some metal amp heads too, i also like the nofx sound as well. so its going to be a speed punk with lots of palm muting sounds, i like penny wise thick palm mutes also. CAn anyone recommed a good setup. Also, what type of guitar i should get and what pickups, is EMG to heavy for that? Ive been recommened some good european pickups? Please, i dont want to mess it up this time and waste my money, i am going to try out any suggestins first of course.

Lastly, whats a good setup for rakes and sweeps and tapping?

Is there a setup that can combine these styles? or does it have to do with techniques? thatnks!

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hi mate

the most important thing to get a good contrast between full chords and muted ones is your hand!!! seriously it all depends on your hand position not on your amps. Having said so, here are a few ideas you could try:

a) set your gain quite high
b) for the clean strokes play full power chords while for the muted ones just play the root (since it is a lot easier to mute a single string than a full chord)
c) try to put your right hand as close to the strings as possible and if necessary touch the body of the guitar with the pinky near the pick-up

good luck