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Picking songs

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Hi guys!

I'm currently dealing with a pretty annoying problem: finding songs to play.

Well, before I seem like a total idiot (GOOGLE, duh!) I'd like to explain it a bit better. I still consider myself a beginner, but the issue is that beginner songs are a bit boring now. If I look for a beginner song the majority consists of very easy chord progressions or songs so easy I can play them after seeing it once, because that's the public a lot of those sites/youtube videos are catering for. :?

I personally like to find a challenging song as a way to improve my playing, but they're either very simple or still too difficult for me at this stage. "Paranoid" is a good example because it wasn't hard to do the power chords, or the single notes, but combining it fluidly was great for my playing. Intermediate is way too hard for me at this point in time. So I'd like to know how to find songs apprpriate for ym level and how to evaluate if they are, or suggestions. I'll give a bit of an oversight so you might know something. :D

I've been playing for 5 months, so don't expect me to pull miracles. I'm no prodigy but I do play an immense amount of time to try and make up it! I prefer lead playing if possible, single notes, but of course I don't mind playing Rhythm. The music I like is mainly classic rock à la "Rock you like a hurricane", AC/DC, the very well known G&R songs, Bon Jovi. Metal isn't really my thing, but I'm not averse to it if a song turns up I like. To give you a bit of an idea of things that I can play fluidly, which is quite important I think, I'd say "Back in Black", "Highway to hell", "Seven Nation Army" (including solo), "You Give Love A Bad Name".

I think this is probably the best I can shake out fluidly, and I love playing the style. Probably my favorite song to play, maybe matched by "He's a Pirate". If you have anything to help me out I'd be very grateful! (My guitar teacher doesn't work during the summer)

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It is not the same issue but perhaps it can help to you. When I was starting with guitar, I made a list with all my favorite songs and I searched the tabs and chords for the songs. I sorted the songs according the chords used: first songs with chords that I already knew, then songs with one or two new chords. Thus, I learned new songs while I practiced known chords and also learned one or two new chords for each song.

If you prefer solos, try to start with some rock ballads. You said Rock you like a hurricane. Scorpions have really nice ballads with some easy solos, try Holiday.

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Why not check out the lessons on this site?

It takes away all that hard work searching for something to play.

A :-)

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I've had the same problem too (although I think you are a bit more advanced than me!), I've bought lots of books, a couple I'd probably recommend are:-

Rock Essential Playlist - published by Faber Music
The Great Rock Chord Songbook -Wise Publishing

Both have some simpler stuff I can play, but lots of more difficult songs too.

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Thanks for the advice guys! Decided to look around a bit more and currently learning songs through youtube lessons, looking through what my fellow GNers have to offer. I'll be sure to check the books out and try to hold on until next week saturday (for my teacher to return, hurray)! And the Scorpions do seem to have quite some awesome songs... How will I ever have time for anything but music in my life?!