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Picks with Holes?

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I must be getting better 'cause the pick with the holes is slipping less...its been awhile since I dropped the pick and I have gotten good at adjusting it while I am playing...

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I started by drilling 2 holes with a knife in the back side of my picks. I did this with one of my kitchen knives just "stick n' twist".

I left the edges rough and it gave me super traction. Over about 6 months I seemed to use smaller holes and now it's just too much of a bother.

Make the holes to get you started and with time I think you'll be using it less and less.


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I wowuld suggest that you try using pine tar, go to your local sports store and look in the baseball section.

I would not suggest using pine tar. Playing baseball through college I have many experiences with pine tar and other sticky substances. Pine tar would stain the would on your guitar if you got any on it. Just look at any light colored bat at your next baseball game you can see the pine tar on the wood. If I had to suggest any baseball sticky substance, I would get a rosin bag. But I probably wouldn't even do that. Rosin gets on everything especially in the "bag" form. I used to have a problem holding on to my picks but it went away the longer I played


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