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Is there any pictures of how my fingers are ment to go on the strings? As I swear I'm not putting my fingers in the right position.

My family wants to see how well I've been getting on.. I want to play um abit of "She'll be coming round the mountain" for my little cousin so she can sing along (bless her) still need to practice changing chords. :?

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Here are a few basic ones &imgrefurl= G">Where to put your fingers

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I have a book called "The Guitar Handbook" by Ralph Denyer. It has pics of where your fingers go for the fifteen major chords and has a chord dictionary in the back. Also has information on music theory and general guitar topics. I have to say this book is rather amazing.

Hope this helps.


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Invest in Guitar Coach by Charanga . Guitar lessons with photos and videos of where your fingers should go: extremely well made.