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Sup guys I feel myself getting stagnant in my routine. I started playing 6 months ago and I find myself just playing the same thing over and over. I bought a book and I've been moving through it but I think what's holding me back is the fact that I can't read music. What do you guys think? I'm also thinking of buying a pedal as well.

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If your inability to learn music is holding you back than why don't you just learn how to read to music. Seriously it takes only 5 minutes to learn to read music. And if you think that you have reached a plateau then you should start learning more complex techniques for the type of guitar that you play. If you play electric than you can learn shredding and sweep picking. If you play acoustic than you can learn tapping and percussive styles. 8)

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if you can afford lessons try lessons. Otherwise try to develop a routine. Google it, & if you're still frustrated DM me and I'll help you out.

Other than that. Pick a song you think you could handle and start learning it.

TBH you don't need to read music to play well. You DO need to read music to get a degree. If you think you might do some college music. Learn to read asap.

Scales, Chords, & Arpeggios are the building blocks of music. A valid lesson in theory is to breakdown what songs you already know and learn what key they are in, what chords, scales, & arpeggios are in there. That way you'll learn the next tune faster and the next tune even faster and so on.

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