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Playing 2 strings t...
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Playing 2 strings the same time with 1 empty string between

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sorry but i couldnt figure out any better expression for that.
since its kinda hard to describe i will just post a tab (weezer - no one else).
i have seen this way to play in a lot of tabs and was wondering how this is played:





they seem to play it with a plec and at medium speed.
hope u can help me, maybe with some pictures.


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Personally I'd play that by playign the lower notes with my index finger, which mutes the middle string as well, then use my middle/ring to play the higher notes.

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HI there,
I was just looking at your guitar tab. That's some simple octive stuff, you last reply was correct by using the first finger for the lower note because it will automatically mute out the middle sting but I would play the higher note with the pinky or 4th finger. It's much easier to keep your place on the neck while moving up and down because the position of the hand allows for that with the seperation between notes being four frets, one finger per fret.
Not sure if your familiar with the master of octives like this, Wes Montgomery? He plays solos and licks like this
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There are MANY ways you can play this depending on the sound you're after and the feel of the song....
I don't know this song so i can't tell you how i'd play it, but i'll show you how i would play a shape like this on other songs.

You will need to learn how to mute with your left (fretting) hand... This can be done either,

a)... with different part of a finger that is already being used to fret a note. (picture 1) OR

b)...using a finger that is NOT used to fret a note (picture 2)

Strings played/fretted are shown in GREEN, strings not played/muted are shown in RED.

Here we go........

If your right hand technique is very accurate or the guitar part is not played aggressively you can try this...(although you will hear the muted strings make a "chuck" noise). The fingertip cleanly frets a B (4th string 9th fret) while the string above and below are muted with other parts of the same finger. This means you touch the muted strings so they can't vibrate, but don't press them down so they ring out. The ring finger also frets a B (2nd string 12th fret) and mutes the adjacent higher string.

If your right hand is a bit sloppy or you are really bashing the strings you can try this... the "chuck" sound will be more pronounced this way but it allows you to play more aggressively. (you can strum all strings with the pick) Although this is a great fingering to use on the bass strings to play octaves (power chords without the 5th, if you will) i wouldn't advise it here.

You can hybrid pick, which means you pick the lowest (thickest) string with the plectrum and pick the higher string with your middle finger. You would only fret the strings you want to ring out.

Of course this shape is the same throughout your TAB so just move the entire shape as required..

Hope this helps..

Good Luck


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