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Playing in the cold...
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Playing in the cold?

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Lately, I've been practicing in a basement about 45 minutes in the afternoons. It gets really cold most days. Wondering if its ok to practice when cold. Not shivering and teeth chattering cold, but definately not comfortable either.



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Well, if you can see your breath, it's probably a little too cold. :D

My last band we used to practice in our bass player's basement. It was really cold too. We brought down a little space heater, helped a little.

It is probably worse on your guitar than you. It is not good for a guitar to be exposed to extreme temperatures, hot or cold. It can play havoc on your tuning.

Many years ago (when I was young :D ) my band played an outdoor gig. It started out ok, maybe 50 degrees. But then a front moved in, the temperature dropped to around 30 and it started snowing. Man, it was bitter cold, and there was a strong wind too. My fingers got so cold I couldn't feel them and dropped my pick several times. My face got so cold that I couldn't sing right. I was mumbling. We played one set and that was it. Everybody ran to their cars and turned their heaters on. We packed up as quick as possible. I thought I was going to get frostbite. It was really that cold. But I will always look back at that as one of most fun things I've ever done. 8)

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nah. it wont hurt. it'll make you tougher.

just dont lick anything metal. :D

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Just make sure you warm up properly because carpal tunnel is an issue with anyone who plays guitar and the risk is amplified if your mucles are cold.

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"Me hands are getting to cold to play the chords..."

Anybody who owns Let It Be should know what that means (Dig A Pony).. :lol:

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