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Please suggest the best guitar

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I am looking for your suggestion. Actually I want to purchase an acoustic guitar which I'll gift to my brother. As I am purchasing it for the first time so have little bit confusion about guitars.

I was looking for guitar reviews on Google and I found few guitars which I liked.

Those guitars are:

#1. Jasmine S35 Acoustic Guitar
#2. Rogue RA-090 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar
#3. Yamaha FG700S Acoustic guitar

I found these guitar suggestions on this site <Link removed by Moderator> and selected these 3 guitars. But I need your suggestions because you all know much better than me about guitars. So kindly suggest the best one among these guitars or suggest something else.


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I removed the link you posted - we like people to be here a while before they ask us to look at sites who are really only after parting us from our hard-earned.

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Out of those I've actually played Yamaha acoustics (their thinline series) and have always liked them. I've owned about three or four of them and they seem to be well constructed and have nice tone and play well.