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Possible with a pick?

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I think this might be a dumb question, but that never stopped me before...

I've got some tabs in a book with "split chords", where some of the strings in the middle are unplayed. This is not a book dealing with fingerpicking, nor does the tab description or intro say anything about fingerpicking. My thought is that maybe there's a way to play these kinds of chords with a pick, but I'm not sure how. Imagine an A-shaped barred chord where the 5th string is unplayed, for instance. With all 4 fretting fingers involved in the played strings, how do you mute the 5th string (or avoid playing it?). Is there some technique I'm not familiar with here?

Or am I wrong, and there is some implied understanding that if there are split chords, you must fingerpick it?

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A lot of times I just mute it with my fretboard fingers if possible otherwise I use "pick & fingers."

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If I need to mute a string in the middle of a chord then I use an adjacent finger if possible. For the 5th string I might use finger on the 4th string and let it hang over enough to mute or a finger on the 6th string and angle it back enough. It just has to touch it enough to stop it from ringing.

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What both tinsmith and hyperborea said is a very effective method of muting strings. It is a method that i use a lot....

......sadly on strings that i shouldn't be muting :oops: :oops:

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Ha! that genuinley made me laugh - quite an achievement when im at work. :lol:

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