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Power chords

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I just bought an electric guitar as opposed to my acoustic, I'm loving it so far, just a quick question about power chords.
When you change fret on the power chord, do you take your fingers off the string completely? I find it fairly difficult to get my fingers back into the right position if I do, but if i don't, i get a horrible scratching noise as my fingers slide along the string. The guitar I bought was only a cheap one so I could get used to it, I just wondered whether it was because it was a cheaper one or whether I was doing something wrong. Thanks.

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PALM and Fret hand MUTING!! A great skill to learn and have.:)

Keep at it and you'll get the hang of it. Most folks when starting out make a lot of unnecessary noise, especially with Electrics.

Switching between the two, Acoustic -vs- Electric... is about controlling the sound/noise on the electric. When ever I go back and forth I have to remember that I don't have to play as 'hard' or 'strong' on my electric.

Cheers :)

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