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I play accoustic guitar because I love the sound of accoustic music. I practice mostly on an unplugged electric guitar though for volume sake. Will practicing on an electric effect my playing when I play on an accoustic later? So far it hasen't but I'm wondering if it might have an ill effect once I start getting into faster and more complicated techniques and musical pieces. Right now I play mainly rhythm but am expanding into lead guitar. THat's another reason why I practice on an electric, because my accoustic doesn't have a cut away body so the higher frets are difficult to get to, while the electric guitar has very accessible frets all along the fret board. I plan on getting an accoustic with a cuttaway when I can afford it but I know that it will handle differently from the electric. Should I just hold off on those higher frets untill I can get the new guitar?

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Keep on pumping away at those higher frets. The only real difference between electric and acoustic guitars is you don't have to push down on the strings so much to play electric. There's nothing you can do on one that you can't do on the other.

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I bounce between 3 guitars. A acoustic,electric, and a Resonator. All play a little bit diferent, some harder, some not as hard. Frankly what I learn on one...transfer over to the others pretty well. Might take a few min to get used to the diferent necks, and scale lenghts... but it only takes a few min... Granted... as you progress and looking to get the most out of a song... its better to master it on what you want to play it on.. Just becouse each guitar brings a little something diferent to a song.

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Once I did read an interview to Mark Hanson. He said when he learns a song in a guitar, it is not easy for him to play the same song in a different guitar. I assumed he referred to acoustic guitars. Maybe there is a difference in some levels.

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Frets will be different, but continued practice on the higher frets will pay off regardless of the guitar type. Good luck!


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Keep playing both and just acknowledge the subtle differences between them. I play both acoustic and electric in one particular band and its all about mindset. Joe Walsh switches effortlessly between the two for example (well he would, wouldn't he I hear you say)

Both require a slightly different technique, but i must confess, if I had to choose to keep one or the other (god forbid) No contest!

Acoustic, Acoustic, Acoustic :)

Keep playing both and enjoy the journey

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