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Hello--I've been playing for a little while and can't quite seem to make the chord changes very quickly. Problems come from Gmaj to Bmin etc.. Really anything to Bmin gives me problems. Not so much Gmaj to Dmaj or Emin to Amaj...Those come relatively easily. Any practice tips to help me get those down??? Thanks for the help..

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There are lots of good tips in the lessons section on this site. This one seemed on-point for you:

You need a metronome for this lesson, but if you don't have one, you can find a free one for your computer or smartphone pretty easy via a google search.

Good luck!

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Don't worry, all of us have the same problem while learning new chords. This is an interesting tip:

Play as slow as possible while learning, accuracy is most important than speed, it will come later.

Welcome to GN.

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G to Bm is a chord change that occurs a lot....still gives me a bit of trouble after almost 40 years (on and off) of playing! I did tend to avoid any G-Bm chord changes for a long time....I'd stick a capo on and play F and Am, much easier change. How I eventually got around the problem was planning ahead...I'd play the G chord as a barre chord at the 3rd fret, then slide the barre down a fret and move all my other fingers across from the E shaped chord to the Am shaped chord.

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Another thing you can do while working on getting better at the change is to use a Bm7 chord (x20202) as a substitute for Bm. When you play the G chord, usually your index finger is at the second fret of the A string so you don't have to move it to make this chord switch.

Depending on the song, this may not be a good substitution but quite often it will serve quite nicely.

And a belated welcome to Guitar Noise, by the way. Looking forward to seeing you around on the Forum pages.