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pressing down hard enough?

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im a newb and my question is will my fingers just get stronger after playing to i can press down hard enough? like especially when my finger has to press 2 strings at once its so hard.

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Your fingers will get stronger. Like a muscles, you have to train you fingers. Just be patient and practice. I think the best thing for strengthening you fingers is learning chords. You can try Finger Gym. Just click "Watch the video" button in the first post.

Sry for my english, i'm still learning. Nobody's perfect :P (and i'm nobody :D )
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Itswill amaze you at how quickly your fingers will strengthen up. The best way to make them stronger is to make sure you do warm ups before each practice or when ever you have a bit of time spare. with in weeks you will see the diffrence. The thing i found most difficult was geting my little finger to move on its own, but that to only comes with practice.

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In the two years I've been doing this, the thing I've seen the most improvement in is flexibility. And even the little finger will do some things on his own now.

Your fingers will get strong enough and limber enough with practice. But it mostly isn't exactly strength, it's how you press...when I was getting started, I got hand cramps from the death grip I had on the neck...I'm a little more gentle with it now, yet it comes out cleaner...


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Hang in there! You will also develop 'callouses' on the tips of your fingers - the fingertips get harder and not as soft. Your fingers will get used to pushing on wires!


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your finger tips will for sure toughen up in time. before you know it.
one thing to be aware of is pressure. how hard? well, all you have to do is use just enough
pressure to bend the string over the fret in front of it. since we 'fret' by putting pressure behind the fret wire and not on top of it. pressing down further away from it doesn't take as much pressure as when one is pushing down just next to the fret.