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Question about my a...
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Question about my acoustic.

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Hey everybody, I've been goin unplugged lately and I noticed the higher up on the fretboard I get, especially with barre chords, the worse I sound.
SO I did a little test... Turned on the old chromatic tuner, and hit my open high e string. After making sure it was completely in tune, I played the twelfth fret on the e string, and lo and behold it was exactly in between an E and an Eb.
I did it with each fret, and the higher I go up the fretboard, the flatter the note becomes compared to the note it is supposed to be.
I'm just wondering, since I doubt this is normal and/or supposed to happen, is there anything I can do to correct it?


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I can't answer whether this is normal but I've noted that on my guitars (including a nice Gibson J45) that tuning the open string to dead-on puts fretted strings off by a little. If I use my tuner and tune for fretted strings the guitar seems to be better overall.

Am interested in hearing what real experts have to say.....

(indeterminate, er, intermediate fingerstyle acoustic)

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It's called Intonation. If your strings are fresh and in tune, and the problem's still there, unless you've got an adjustable bridge there's not going to be a lot you can do about it.

I've probably got this the wrong way round, but your string-length needs to be marginally shorter so that when you fret the string at the 12th fret you're stopping exactly half the length.


A :-)

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Hahahah thanks, I feel like an idiot

It must have been a year since I changed my strings hahaha... I finally switched on the set I got for Holiday and it's all working great.

I didn't know old strings could make such a difference, but thank you

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New strings do make a difference...

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if not for intonation and sound then at least for the great feel that only new strings can bring!

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