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Quick amp help, blackstar or fender stage

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So I bought my first guitar finally, a nice epi les paul. I also bought a line 6 spider v at the behest of the sales guy, and I liked somethings but there was more bad than good

Right now I'm looking at picking between a new blackstar ID core 40 or a used fender stage 160 missing the footswitch. I'm open to other suggestions as well, but I'd like to stay around $200.

I want to play mostly classic rock/SRV type blues with the occasional foray into metal.

Thanks in advance!

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Dunno about the Fender amp but the valve sound dynamics on the Blackstar seem pretty authentic. And at low or high volume output too! So you can spend time setting up the sound you want in the comfort of your own home.....on low volume in the knowledge that you will get the same playing sound and conditions if you play a gig and need to crank the volume up. Whichever one you buy.....have fun.

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For this price I can recommend You Mustang and Boss Katana

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Classic rock and blues screams "fender."

If you want to play some metal now and again, put a high-gain overdrive in front of it, or maybe stack a couple of overdrives. An EHX Soul Food pushing a tube-screamer sounds really great actually. If you want to get really gritty sounds, stack the Soul Food with a Rat 2.

I'd also add that it is always possible to get a dirtier sound by adding tube driven pre-amps or other effects in front of the amp, or in the effects loop. It is not possible to clean up an amp that sounds dirty. Fender is a great tube amp, and has a ton of headroom for cleans -- generally more than just about anyone else out there -- and for that reason alone tends to be my go-to amp of choice (though I confess that lately, I've been enjoying playing the Marshall DSL line)

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