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Rack Tuners

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hey all

i am currently looking at investing in a rack tuner. i know there are a few options at current and i was wondering what some thoughts were on them. as in has anyone ever used them or heard any reviews on them.

im currently looking at

fender rt 1000 = cost is $240.00

behringer btr 2000 = cost is $129.00

i know korg has one of the best rack tuners going around but its a little out of my price range at the moment

if anybody had any advice to any alternatives or even some other brands or even just a perspectives on it please let me know

i would be very greatful.



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Don't know anything about rack tuners, but have u considered getting a pedal tuner instead? I'm pretty sure u could find one for allot cheaper that what you're looking at right now.

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Check out Peterson Strobe tuners (Google it). I'm not sure if the make a rack mount version but they are very accurate (0.1 cent) and around your price range.

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I agree with Lord. A pedal tuner is cheaper. I have never understood rack tuners - can somebody explain why they command so much more $$ than a pedal tuner?

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im looking into a rack tuner because im getting a case for my head but also thinking about getting some rack equipment. i have thought about a tuner pedal, only really looked at boss and already have enough pedals to fiddle with lol.