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remembering chords

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One way I've found to help the (mental) learning curve is to get your barre-ing technique up to at least passable. This will allow you to play a lot more chords without having to memorize so many different shapes. Know how to play A7 but not B7? No problem, just play A7 barred on the 2nd fret. I've found that I can play most any chord I want within the first 5 frets just by memorizing 3 shapes of each type (C,E, and A major; D, E, and A minor; D7, E7, and A7; etc.).

Eventually you'll want to learn more shapes to get different voicings for each chord to fine-tune your sound, but that can happen gradually over time.

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Good Point!

Seriously though, I think the OP will have got over any 'memory blues' they may have had. Trying to land a chord over and over, or trying to play a song for hours tends to get the chord shapes ingrained very very quickly! The problem is then transferred over to 'How can I remember the order of chords in a song?'

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To then to be followed by the "how do I remember ALL the words to ALL those songs?" question.

Playing guitar is just one problem after another :-)

The problem is then transferred over to 'How can I remember the order of chords in a song?'

(indeterminate, er, intermediate fingerstyle acoustic)

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....and then you gotta remember the lyrics. That's a whole other can of worms for me.

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Remember to hold the pick correctly
Remember the chords
Remember the progression
Remember the rythmn
Remember to keep the strumming going
Remember the lyrics
Remember the melody
Remember the solo
Remember to smile :)

Not much to remember! :twisted:

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Sadly, to remember chords an fingering takes, gulp, study. What you say? Study like when you were in high school and had to remember all kinds of stuff? Yep.

Study is the way. Take ten minutes a day to study/analyze chord fingerings or even positions. Print the literature and bring it to work. I did. I even printed and put the stuff in my can and looked at it at stoplights!

By printing lit and studying it in your down-time, lunch, or whenever will be a MAJOR way to learn.

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