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Same string, different fret, same sound...

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Hi everyone!
I have just recently begun to play the guitar, and I could never get the D chord to sound right. Eventually, I realised that the 3rd and 4th frets on each of the 2nd, 3rd and 4th strings played the same note: E♭, B and F♯, respectively. This really is driving me crazy because I can't play anything without running into this problem. I have a Weconic MG915/N.

Thanks in advance!

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Your 4th fret is too high compared to the others. This could be because it's popping up from the fret slot, or because the 3rd fret is badly worn, or (in the worst case) your neck is warped.

I'd have a luthier take a look at it. In the best situation it's a $10-20 repair to reseat and level the frets. Weconic is an inexpensive import with spotty QC though - so be prepared for the worst case, which is replacing it; if the neck is warped or it needs extensive fret work, that may be cheaper than fixing it.

The encouraging news is that you didn't mention the second fret being off. Because of that, my money is on the fret popping up, and it might be worth a fix.

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