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scales questions

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Dave T
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When practicing a scale, should you keep fingers on the fret board after playing a note? For example, when playing a scale in “A” on the 6th string starting on frets 5, 7, 8, would you keep the fingers on the 5 when playing the 7, the 5 and 7 when playing the 8, and so on moving across the fretboard?

Also should notes by alternate picked or just downstrokes?


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I'm not sure about the "official" answer to the fingering question, if there even is one.
I tend to leave a finger where it is until I need it somewhere else.

I think you should practice scales with all downstrokes, all upstrokes, alternate picking, and economy picking.
In real playing, you need to use all picking methods when they are appropriate to the song, so you should practice them all enough for them to become second nature.

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Do both.

Holding a note down as long as possible helps in developing good legato. Moving the finger as soon as possible helps develop anticipation (you can be moving it to the next note that finger will play while you're sounding another note).

Practice both and you'll get a better feel for your phrasing.

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