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I am starting to break off my power chord electric guitar to try and teach myself acoustic guitar and REAL Chords, but i cant seem to get my self really motivated, other than learning the songs my girlfriend wants to sing with me, but thats once in a blue moon.

What is a good schedule that will take up about two hours, student life is quite busy, so ill only be able to fit 2 hours every now and then, but a schedule that shows some improvement will keep me utterly motivated. So help devisng one would be nice, thanks!

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Check out DHodge's lessons on this site. The songs for beginners, and intermediates sections.

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Check out DHodge's lessons on this site. The songs for beginners, and intermediates sections.
Indeed, and David also wrote an article: It is titled A Question of Balance. Its full of great advice on structuring a practice schedule. I have based my practice on it and it is paying off.

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Try using the search feature for practice schedules. There have been many posts about this and look for either Noteboats or Kingpatzers replys they had some really good practice schedules laid out.

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Here's my schedule: play songs or riffs that involve techniques I want to learn or techniques I need practice on. Play until I get tired of it. Once I start feeling tired of it, then I play some songs I already know.

For example, if I want to learn some new chord, I find a song that has that chord in it a lot. That way, I'm not just sitting there practicing technique over and over, I'm actually learning a song while I'm practicing the technique--which makes it much more enjoyable for me. A lot of the time, after I switch over to playing songs I already know, it will make me want to practice some more.

I also warm up with scales, then screw around a bit with the scales. Making melodies, doing slides, hammer-ons, pulloffs, etc.

It's probably not the best way to practice, but it works for me. I'm quite happy with my progress so far (I got my guitar for Christmas 2005, played for about a month, then didn't really start playing for real until August 2006 when I bought a Martin).