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06/08/2004 11:47 pm  

Im learning 45 by shinedown and im really havin a problem with the little hammer on pull of thing he does in the verse. any help on gettin better at it. it be great thanx

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22/08/2004 6:08 pm  

i just learned this a while back but i think i know what to do.
when u see this 7 9 or 7h9 its a hammer on.where u put one finger on the 7th fret then quickly tap the 9th with another takes a little force to to.

a pull of 9 7 or 9p7 means to have two fingers on the 9th and 7th on
one string.pluck the string then realese finger from 9th fret. leave 7th on.

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22/08/2004 11:49 pm  

easier said than done....but yah thats pretty much what hamer ons and pull offs are...

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