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slide between two power chords

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I'm working on a power chord exercise from my method book in which there is a single slide from one power chord to the next one. I'm sure it's a regular (non-legato) slide because there is only a slide mark (like this / ) between the two power chords in the tab, no slur.

But the explanation of how to deal with this slide is confusing. I thought that the way to do a slide (either for single notes or power chords) is to pick/strum the first note/chord, and then slide to the next note/chord and strike it just as you arrive at it. This is what I've been doing all along...hope this is correct. TIA.

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You're doing it right. Just as long as you can hear all the notes between the 2 notes you're sliding from and to.

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I could be wrong so maybe someone like Noteboat will add to this but normally you would not necessarily pick that second powerchord.

You just pick the first powerchord and then slide into the next.

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On a slide, you only pick/strum the first element, you slide to the next and hold that for the duration of the note, but do not pick or strum it again as part of the slide.

One thing to be carefull of, as you've noted, is how fast/slow you do the slide. This is one that it's usually best to listen to a recording afew times to hear what they're doing.

Some slides start at one note, but immediately move on to a resting note. This are properly writting with the first note not counting towards the beats in the measure. You simply start your slide from those notes and move to the resting note value immediately.

Some slides stay for a full value on one note, then slide to the next very quickly.

Some slides should be played so that you hear the intermediate values very clearly.

If you're sure it's not legato (it sounds like it's an instructional book so the quality of the notation should be good), then the correct way is to play the first chord hold for the full note value, then slide to the ending chord, and hold for the full note value there. Do not restrum the second chord.

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Okay: the book is Beginning Rock Guitar by Paul Howard. Here's the measure that has the slide. It's in 4/4 time, and each chord is an 8th note. It's played on the 5th string:

Eb5 Eb5 Eb5 Eb5 / F5 F5 F5 F5

I think the second note in the slide should be struck because there's no slur in the tab, and the way I'm playing it (striking the chord on the third beat just as as I slide into it) seems to sound like the example on the CD.

What's confusing me is the wording of the explanation of how to play the slide:

"Notice the slide mark / . Strike the strings moving to the new chord, then glide your fingers along the string to the new fret".

It sounds like it's saying to strike the second chord a bit before reaching it?