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solo question

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so I've been learning two solos in the last week. the fade to black solo by metallica and sweet child of mine solo by guns n roses. what im curious about is what is the ideal setup to have you guitar and amp at for solos? I have a VOX AD30VT amp if that helps. I currently just put the guitar pickup selector to neck and the amp settings to the heavy metal setting.

any help is appreciated.

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This is sort of a difficult question to answer, but my best guess is all I can say is to tweak around with your amp and get to the tone you like the most. Everyone on here can't tell you what you will like, only you can tell you what you like. So tweak with your nice amp you got there, Im sure you'll find a good tone to match those solos..

Also, If you need any guitar help or have any questions IM ME at Jackson WRXT15 through "Aim", I am a beginner to intermediate guitar teacher if you need any help..

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Hey CoreyB I'm a Vox Valvetronix user as well. Here's site with tons of settings for Valvetronix amps that I use fairly often. The settings may not be perfect to your ear or mine but it should get you in the ballpark. Hope this helps, good luck.