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Sound at gigs

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Hi guys
I play in a local band. Played a gig last night and was told that my guitar sounds weak/tinny when It's just me playing. To my ears it sounds ok but seems to weaken out front. How can I get the oomph I need. Is it just a matter of turning up a notch or two which has been suggested? I play an epiphone les Paul with a fender blues deluxe amp. Sometimes clean sometimes with an overdrive pedal and a compressor pedal. I have to admit I don't hVe much of a clue when it comes to the technic side of things. I prefer to if in and just play!

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Treble notes are very unidirectional, unlike the bass which is omnidirectional . The bass amp will be able to be heard everywhere in the room . If a person were standing directly in front of a guitar amp and then take a couple of steps sideways they would notice a drop-off in the guitar sound . To solve this problem you need to have more speakers reproducing the guitar amps output . Most groups will reinforce the guitar amp by miking it and sending it through the PA system , thereby covering a wider area of the room . The idea is to not make the guitar amp really loud but to make the coverage of the room better and eliminate the dead spots .

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