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Some of you probably remember my recent pose about how I felt like I had hit a wall ad far as the guitar was concerned. As I was playing one day, I kind of realized I haven't really hit a wall, there are so many things I can't do (some of you might remember telling me that) and one of those things is speed. I can do major and minor chords real easily, powerchords are breeze along with other techniques like hammer ons pulls off, tapping etc. But im not fast.
What can I do to increase my playing speed?

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Don't know if I'm the right person to address this, because I am a slow player, always have been. But I can play pretty fast when I want too.

You just have to build up. It is more important to be precise than fast. You want to be both. But if you just go for speed you will be sloppy.

A good exercise is start with a metronome. Set it to a comfortable speed like 70 BPM. Practice a lick or scale at this speed until you can play it perfectly. Then speed the metronome up maybe 4 BPM and practice the lick or scale again. Keep going in this fashion until you cannot keep up with the metronome. Then turn the metronome down about 10 BPM and start working yourself back up again. But practice to be precise.

If you do this everyday you will notice a very big improvement in speed in a short time. You will be surprised.

While I do not do this exercise regular, I try to practice once or twice a week like this. I am no speedster still, but I am much faster than I was a few years ago, and my picking is far more precise.

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+1 for what Wes said. Being precise MUST come first, then speed it up. It is useless to play fast, but sloppy. Practice whatever it is you want to play, at a slow enough speed so you can play it perfectly. Then gradually increase speed as Wes suggests. If you make this a regular part of your practice schedule, you will gradually increase the speed of EVERYTHING you play. BUT - most HATE to practice with a metronome because: (1) it gets boring, (2) its HARD, and (3) it will show you may not be playing as well as you think!

Players are always looking for an EASY way to get fast. Well, just like dieting, the only way it happens is with sacrfice and dedication. That's why most of us are fat and slow! :lol:

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Wes's advice is good. It will take time to get up to a speed you can maintain for the length of a song, so be patient


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