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Squealing noises :(

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Chris C
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sorry for the off topic post,

Chris! good to see ya again! welcome back!

Hi there mate. Likewise, and thanks. :)

Apologies from me for off topic posting too - but look what I just found tucked away in a dusty corner of the hard drive... :shock:

One man and his dog...

On topic again...

Sometimes I do lift my fingers right off the strings (or at least some of them), but mostly it's just a very light touch, to keep the orientation with the strings. I won't claim it doesn't squeak at all, but it's not the screech it used to be.

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Hi Chris, Welcome back.Another off-topic...

I really think you should start your comeback thread.

Regarding the squealing noise, i think fretnoise is cool and sometimes adds to the anticipation of the listener.

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Thanks for the advice! I actually do have some Fast Fret, and it does seem to help, but I'd prefer to get my technique right first before trying to change/alter my equipment to fix my playing problems.

I've been trying to practice lifting my fingers a bit more, and it definitely does help. But I find it's a fine line between lifting enough so that you don't cause much sound, versus lifting too much so that none of my fingers are touching anymore, and I lose the placement of my fingers on the strings.

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