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stringing guitar

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I really like this guide for changing strings. I find it works well, and it also gives you good tips on how to make sure you get the "right length" of each string to make a decent number of "loops" around the tuning peg.


Then scroll down and select one of the links (depending on your guitar type):
Changing the strings on an acoustic guitar
Changing the strings on an electric guitar

There´s a step-by-step guide with pictures that are really illustrative.

Give it a try, I´m sure you´ll get it right this time :)

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Another option is to go to the guitar store and ask them if they'll install new strings and show you how they do it.

This would mean buying some strings from them (at least), and maybe $5 or $10 for the labor but it would be a once-in-a-lifetime lesson and you could do it for yourself from then on.

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I own a guitar shop, and I have strung and restrung hundreds of guitars over the years, using a method I learned from Dan Erlwine. In all that time I have never broken a string and experienced some of the most stable tunings.

If you can find his published works I highly reccomend it.


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