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I'd like to ask 2 questions. What's the technique for strumming downwards and then quickly upwards? My finger / or my picking thingie (always forget english term) / get stuck between strings when I try to strum upwards, I can avoid it by bending picking thingie in other direction but that wastes time during playing. I know I am doing something terribly wrong.

The other question is, how exactly can I strum something like this fast and effectivelly without touching the string between them?


(just an example)
If u strum too fast, i hit the string between, if i strum too slow, I lose rhytm. Practicing didn't really help. I wanna know just in case I am doing somethin wrong.

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I assume you mean pick?

I'm no speed machine myself, but you may try to keep the pick well in between your fingers so only a little bit of it shows, that brings your hand close to the strings and increases control.

Also, I think it is good to strum somewhat in an arch, avoid the pick hitting at a straight angle to the strings, uhm so it is closer to the bridge on the treble strings than on the bass strings - uhm if you know what I mean.

For the string skipping there are two techniques that springs to mind.
One and easiest is to mute the string in between with the tip of a finger on your fretting hand
Second is hybrid picking - you pick the lowest string with the pick and the highest with say, your middle finger - takes some practice - or so they say ;-)


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