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Strumming last danc...
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Strumming last dance with mary jane tom petty

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Its been a while since ive been on the boards but i have been tring to play this song. I think it has some alt. bass picking along with palm muting but any ways i can't seem to nail down this strumm pattern if anyone knows it please help... this song rocks. 8)

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Here is how I play it...

Am Chord

G Chord
dud D

D Chord
dud D

Am Chord
dud du

Back to the start

That's how I play it, of special note, the first Am chord you would strum it without your index finger fretting the b string and then you'd hammer on right away, then play the next down strum. The capital D's indicate I put some accent on those strums. the last strum of a chord, as soon as you strum it move to the next chord, it kind of cuts it short. I notice that when I played this I would also tend to only strum the whole chord on the first and last strum, especially on the G chord, so I'd play the full chord then on the up strum maybe hit the A string and on the down the E and maybe the A and then I'd play the whole chord hard and immediatly switch to the next D chord cutting the last G strum off real short. That final Am chord just seems right to have an extra strum in it just before letting off with the index to repeat the first bar's hammer on of the chord. If this is too confusing I can probably tab out the tricky parts. I believe that the original was recorded using the bridge pickup, I don't think it was palm muted at all but the way I play it I do left handed muting by letting the chord go immediatly when I switch to the next.