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Strumming without a...
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Strumming without a Pick

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Spent most of my life without a pick. I just use the edge of my thumb. I do a lot of fingerpicking too. I'm now having a hard time getting used to a pick!

I had a few of those felt picks. I was given a few from my mother who used to play ukelele. I kinda like the sound of them.

I bought a Jellifish, wasn't too impressed with it, and it was $10.00 US!

A little habit I've gotten into is using my thumb on downstrokes of the E, A and D strings and alternate with an up stroke with my first finger on the G,B and E strings.

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I got a Jellifish, and I thought it a complete waste of my money. Couldn't do a thing with it I liked. In fact, I'd bought three, one for me, one for my son and one for my teacher. (As I usually did with any new guitar gadget that caught my fancy.) None of us thought they were worth a toot. Three thumbs down on the Jellifish in Bristol, Tennessee. Dunno what I did with mine. Don't care.

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