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Stuck Where to go f...
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Stuck Where to go from here...

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I been teaching myself guitar for a while and while it is going slow i do really enjoy it and hope to get an electric very soon. I have learned all the CAGED chords although will admit i need a bit of work on the transitions but more or less im alright with them. The problem im having is where to go from here. I want to start learning to play solos and more advanced songs but i cant find any tutorials that i understand. I no absolutely no theory and i feel like that is where i am getting stuck maybe? These videos say stuff about keys and scales etc. but i have no clue what they mean so its hard to follow whats going on.
I would be thankful if anyone could direct me where to go from here by linking videos or websites etc that explain it all.
Sorry if this doesn't make sense!

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If you want to learn lead guitar and solos from songs I would absolutely recommend getting Rocksmith 2014 (once you get an electric).

In the meantime, start learning some basic music theory. Lookup 'guitar scales beginner' on youtube. Start learning the notes of the fretboard.

It can seem overwhelming but just put in a little time every day and you'd be surprised how quickly you progress.