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telecaster strings

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Im a proud owner of telecaster thinline and im looking for strings with great mids and warm tone.
I play mostly fingerstyle, so i need clear sound. What gauge would be best? I was thinking about these sets

Is it true that Elixir with nanoweb or polyweb don't have very clear tone?

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If you liked the strings that were on the guitar when you got it, then I'd try to ask the seller for details as to what was on the instrument at the time of purchase.

Those semi-hollow telecasters are definitely nifty, nice taste.

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oh, I really love those thinlines and yes I think I do know what type of sound you are looking for to come out of them.

I have to be frank that I've not tried the 1 & 3rd strings you mentioned but I have to vouch for the Elixirs. I used to hate them because on first listen, it doesn't sound articificial but after my ears get used to them, they seem to be a clearest that I have tried that is still warm and with great mids.

Sorry I don't know better the others you mentioned, just giving my approval for the elixirs.

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