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The Fools - Tabs or...
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The Fools - Tabs or Chords

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Hi all- I'm looking very hard but can not for the life of me find tabs / chords for songs by The Fools I did happen to one day come across some of there songs and downloaded them. I'm very new to playing / learning and I have an obsession with wanting to learn how to play the songs off the "Heavy Mental" record, which I have all the songs from. My ears are not real good at picking out sounds yet. All the help is very much appreciated.

The Fools are a Boston based band and for those of you who never heard of them well ... here is a small song list:

Running Scared, Psycho chicken, It's a night for beautiful girls, World Dance Party and the list is long.

Thanks for any help here

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Searched all of the internets that have become less few. No luck on any tabs.

Did enjoy Psycho Chicken though :D

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