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the usefulness of a...
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the usefulness of a metronome

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I got a metronome for Christmas and just practiced with it for the first time. I could see a real and measurable difference in my technique in less than an hour. It has made all the difference in the world to me.

I'm putting this here so that other beginners might notice this and decide to invest in one as well. I thought it wasn't necessary but its helping out a bunch.

I only regret not trying to learn to play guitar sooner.

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Essential gadget, especially when working on a new piece of music because you can slow it down to practise.

Being able to play to a metronome pays dividends in studio, too, because you'll be expected to play to a click track and you don't want to spend a load of money on expensive studio time learning to play your guitar.

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It will be your best friend. And you will hate it.

A couple of examples of metronome use: and

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I just got a metronome app on my phone. My practice today instantly became more productive. Definitely a must have tool be it a computer program or a mechanical metronome.

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Metronomes are great. Also....a great way to practice tempo & along with some of your favorite musician's songs.


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