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Time after time Cyn...
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Time after time Cyndi Lauper

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I was hoping someone could help me..........every since i was young i've wanted to play time after time on guitar. i've only just started to learn guitar and am not sure on what a suitable strumming pattern would be good for this song. any ideas?

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Welcome to GN. I hope you find the information you are looking for.

Have you tried searching tab sites for the song?


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If I had to guess... I'd say one strum per silible.

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I've covered this one, and it is one strum per syllable for the first couple of lines of each verse. After that I use a picking pattern, so I'm just playing single notes out of each chord... the lyrics are laid out in a tick-tock sort of fashion - I think I do two notes on the first syllable, and four on the second in each pattern.

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