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Transpose a Bunch of Chords At Once

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I wrote a little utility to transpose a bunch of chords all at once that I thought I'd share. The idea was that you key in all of the chords for a song, then pick the number of half steps (capo placement) and see where all of the chords land. That way, you don't start transposing and half way through, you find out that there is a real stinker of a chord that could have been eliminated if you chose another key.

I also wanted it to be simple and MS Excel based. To use it, you just open the Excel sheet, key in chords under the "Original" column and pick a number of half steps (positive or negative). All of the chords are transposed in the "New" column. The whole thing is built as a macro, so you have to enable macros in Excel to get it to work.

I put the Excel sheet here:

Let me know how it works for you and if you find any bugs.

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I have this tool stored in my favourites.