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Travel Guitar or No...
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Travel Guitar or Not

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MicroCubes are great, but are bigger than I would want to travel with.
I usually just bring a little smokey for my travel amp -
It's defintely limited in tone - sorta clean at very low volumes, fuzzy distortion if you turn it up much. However, it works for me for practice in a quiet hotel room.

If you want a little more volume and just a little more options for tone - I also like my HoneyTone amp. It's a little bigger, but would still fit in a suitcase.

I want to play guitar very badly -
and I do!

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Just got back from my first trip with the speedster. It worked out nicely. I did break a string the first night and had to find the Guitar Center in Dallas. Luckily it was only 2 blocks from my hotel :)

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Glad it all went well.


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For the amp... You may need to keep it quiet anyway and use headphones, so might think about just using something like a Digitech RP50 (or other models..80..100).Would be an easy pack & enough sounds that there'd be atleast a few you'd like.These are nice muti-effect jobs. I run a rp 80 or rp100a into a tube amp & love it for EQ ,delay,reverb & sometimes use the amp models. Headphones work right off them, no amp needed. It's been awhile sence I heard mine on their own like that but wow ,if you like to tweak you will find something suitable for practice.

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