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trem question

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im tryin to take the strings out of a different guitar i aquired and this picture will explain better then words do i have to losten the above screw to get the string out of the bridge?

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that looks like a Floyd Rose trem. it has locking devices. I have a much earlier model. similar but not like yours.

try this site. it has string changing guides. it also has info about your trem.
sure hope that's what ya got!

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looks a bit like the Ibanez version of the Floyd Rose , if it is then ignore any instructions telling you to cut the ball end off as unlike Floyds that dont use the ball if this IS an Ibanez version you need the strings intact :)

All you need to do to change these is undo the screws with a cross head screwdriver (very long screws usually) and then lift out the chrome "String Guides" these are just a sort of "Electric Guitar bridge pin".

The IMPORTANT thing with these bridges though is NOT to change or take off all strings at once as the "floating" tremelo system on these can be a real pain in the ass to setup .

Best way is 1 string at a time thinnest first , undo the allen screws on the headstock if it has a locking nut on it to release the tension and enable you to slacken the strings .
Take out the string pin.
Wobble the string to release the ball ends and take string off keeping others up to tension.
Put the fine tuning knob about half way and get that up to tension before taking the next off this will save much headaches adjusting the springs or having to "wedge" the tremelo with something to keep it stable whilst setting up .

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