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Tuning your guitar

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Hi! I am a student at Lehigh University and for an entrepreneurship class project I am looking to see how people tune their guitar and their suggestions on a better method! Please take this 2 minute survey to help me get a better idea on what the best way to tune your instrument is!

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I got this error message:

Sorry, the file you have requested does not exist.
Make sure that you have the correct URL and that the file exists.

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Since your form isn't available, I'll tell you here.

I do standard tuning. I would love to have another guitar for DADGAD, but not yet there.
I have two clipon tuners: an Epiphone that came in the player pack and a D'Addario I got locally.
I also have a Korg metronome and tuner with contact mic.
Lastly, three amp devices that can tune: a Yamaha THR10C, a Line 6 Pocket POD and a Zoom G3Xn.
I tend to go with the Korg 99% of the time. It's portable and multi-functional.

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