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Hey, i'm not quite sure how to unstring my guitar. I need to change the G string but I can't seem to pull the peg out. I'm using a pair of pliers but it just won't budge. If I pull too hard the peg looks like it's going to break. It may be because the peg is slightly bigger than the rest of the pegs as I had to replace it. Any ideas?

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Hi nichi_jin,

Make a trip to your local guitar shop & pick up one of the peg winders with the notch cut in one side of it. That notched out area is what you use to pull the peg out. Otherwise, you will run the risk of breaking/snapping it off. I have had it happen to me in the past... :oops:

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a plastic spoon with a little notch can work. don't use a metal pliers as it will create all kinds of nasty gouges.

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Even if you break it off, you can do this: Take all the strings off at the tuners. Or really loosen them all, if you only want to change one. Now you can reach in through the sound hole. Cover the tip of a finger with a handy coin, and use it to push the peg up from the bottom. Presto, it's out!

Lots of folks like to use the wire cutters they trim their strings with to remove pegs. Open 'em part way and you've got the notch to grip the peg head. Pry up with that. I don't like that idea, because it's got too much of a chance to mess up the pegs or the guitar's finish. I just push 'em from the inside if they're tight.

While you've got all the strings off, don't turn the guitar upside down, or your saddle will fall off and you'll be wondering which way it goes back on.

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